NPO Research Institute of Macro Engineering Practice (RIMEP) was founded in 2011, as the execution unit of Japan Macro-Engineers Society (JAMES). “The aims of JAMES are to exploit the field of macro-engineering , the field of comprehensive knowledge, by creatively researching the subjects related to macro-scaled projects with macroscopic views, to apply the knowledge for the future of the human-beings, to widely spread the macro-engineering concept by the interdisciplinary collaboration between members of the society—through activities of the society. “ (cited from The General of JAMES )

Just before the beginning of the 21st century, bipolar Cold War structure of the world collapsed and the structure of cooperation and coexistence structure was expected to be underway. However, as soon as the start of  the new century began, 9/11 terrorist attacks happened in New York. In the wake of this atrocious incident, a new but a different international structure which can be called a new type of Cold War emerged.  The 21st century’s new Cold War is multipolar power structure. Various types of extreme attacks and the assertion of unilateral control of the territory, territorial waters and air space have been looming in the world.

Nowadays, we, human-beings, are tackling the most important and most urgent problems of conflicts between communities, regions, societies and countries, aiming to achieve a sustainable society with a spirit of cooperation and self-sustainability.  JAMES shall propose the principles and measures which are acceptable to anyone, irrespective of socio-cultural /political position. RIMEP shall be an organization of specializing in implementing the feasible projects (introducing optimum technology and its managerial and/or social system ).