June 9,2018
RIMEP backs up JAMES・DOWAS Symposium
DOWAS:Deep Ocean Water Application society
Place:Main Conference Room at 2F of The Nippon Zaidan Building
1-22-2 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo
Be free to attnd
Details:Please browse attached pdf「日本マクロエンジニアリング学会・海洋深層水利用学会共催
シンポジウム 2018 Cool Tokyo (東京を冷やす)」in 「ニュース」site

January 20,2018
RIMEP Supports JAMES’s 2018’s 33th Study Conference with Nippon Institute of Technology
Time: 14:00~17:00
Place:  Nippon Institute of Technology,Kanda Campus
Details :please browse 「第33回年次研究大会ポスター」in 「ニュース」site of Japanese version on this home page .

September 23, 2017
RIMEP  co-hosts JAMES’s 2017 Symposium
Place:Tokyo branch office of Tohoku University
Marunouchi1-7-12 Sepi-tower 10F Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Flier(Japanese): 年次シンポジウム2017ポスター

March 25,2017
RIMEP Supports JAMES’s 2017’s 32th Study Conference
Place: Rm.406 Building C Bunkyo Campus, Takushoku University
Time: 15:00~18:00
Theme: Studies on Cyclical Type Society
Details :please browse 「大会チラシ」in 「ニュース」site of Japanese version on this
home page .

November 5, 2016
RIMEP  Cohosts the Annual 2016 Symposium of JAMS
Place:Tateyama Chamber of Commerse and Industry in Chiba
Theme: Regional Creation by Use of Deep Sea Water

February 20,2016
RIMEP suppots JAMES’s 31th Anuual Study Conference
Place: Building C Bunkyo Campus, Takushoku University
Time: 14:00~17:00
Subjects:Part1;3 presentations(on reconstruction education assitance and containers packaging recycling in disaster areas ) from Tohoku University by Dr.YU,Dr.SAITO and others from Mogol. Part2: A study on the secular stagnation theory by Ms.YAMAZAKI and Dr. MOTEGI  On Japanese Kaizen and oversea aid by Dr.KIKUCHI , On utilization of deep seawater by Mr.HISADA  Part3: On Property tax and economic growth by Mr.KAKUTA, On Islam by Mr.KIMOTO

August 22,2015
RIMEP  co-sponsors the annual 2015 symposium of JAMES .
The contents are as follows.
Theme: The earthquake reconstruction and waste resource recycling
Organizer: Japan Macro-Engineers Society
Co-sponsor: NPO Research Institute for Macro-Engineering Practice
Collaborator: Seinan Corporation
Facilitator: Tohoku University Graduate School of International Cultural Studies Department of  International Environment and Resource Policy Theory Course
Location: Seinan Shoji  Shiogama Plant Conference Room
Miyagi Prefecture Shiogama Teizandori 1-chome 45-20
Contact of the day: Tel; (022-361-6690)
Date&Time: Saturday, August 22, 2015, from 13:00 to

February 28,2015
RIMEP supports JAMES’s Anuual Study Conference
Place: Rm.406 Building C Bunkyo Campus, Takushoku University
Time: 14:00~17:50
Theme: Storage of Food and the Energy in the Recycling Society

November 8,2014
RIMEP  supports annual 2014 symposium of JAMES
The title ” To Increase Sustainability by Preservation of Environment and Prevention of Disaster ” was carried out on the campus of Takushoku University on November 8th. The Symposium was organized by JAMES and RIMEP. Two presentation were delivered: One was, “Prevention and Mitigation of the Tsunami Disaster” by Mr. KITAMI Tatsuo, RIMEP’s director. The other was , “Cool Tokyo and Change the World –A Breakthrough for Deep-Ocean Water Utilization- ”by Mr.NIGEME Hidemasa, Design Water Co.,Ltd.,CEO. The resumes of  these are in the site of News(Japanese.)